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Starting from scratch and with an enormous passion of music, The Group carries a big dream and it guides them forward. Built and grown from a resolution of spirit and excitement.

The Group has always been about seeking the prepossessing allure of music, the experiences, and the celebrations. We curate the night of music and wonder that tingles your heart and we bring a unique music experience that excite all of your senses.

We are deeply integrated in challenges, we find pleasure in unordinary things, we craft exhilarating and demanding prolific events such as LaLaLa Festival and others.

Some say that we are too curious, we would like to keep it that way.

Our pathway is fueled with creative minds, and sky is the limit.

It is our pleasure to work and to connect with partners. We always bring some extraordinary creativities to the table, creating long-lasting and treasurable memories and above all we summon the best of the best from all of us.

It is after all a great time to be alive,
The Group

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LalalaFest 2016

LaLa-La International Forest Festival became the first international forest festival in Indonesia and the biggest festival in Bandung itself. The festival became most viral festival at 2016. Visitors came from national and international, 80:20 by average comparison.

LalalaFest 2018

The sacredness of mother nature meets the joy of festival, the sequel from the first international forest festival in 2016 back again after a long hiatus with a bigger also better artists and technical operation in 2018